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  • 2017 international summer school was held at JUFE

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  • Annual International Summer School in JUFE was held from June 11th to June 25th, 2017. Seventeen foreign friends participated in the summer school. They come from JUFE’s partner institutions and universities in the United States, Britain, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, and Finland. In addition, seventeen local Chinese students were from different institutions of JUFE joining the Summer School.



    Meet JUFE, Meet Nanchang

    What’s “Nanchang” means? It has a really great moral. “Nan” in Chinese means south, “Chang” in Chinese means prosperity. Combine it together, “Nanchang” means people all expect this place to be a very prosperous city in the south of China.

    In the opening ceremony held on June 12th, vice president Wang Xiaoping explained the symbol of red in Chinese traditional culture as everyone was wearing the customized red T-shirt. He wishes that all foreign participants could learn much from different cultures and get different experiences through taking part in a variety of trending courses and fantastic activities of the summer school.  

    After the ceremony, all participants together had a campus tour to see two main campuses of JUFE, enjoying the unique scenery of human and nature in JUFE. Later on, they visited Tengwang Pavilion. It’s all about bright colors, magnificent architectures and exquisite decorations. Everyone felt so attracted.


    Welcome party

    Hot dance, delicious snacks, cute mascot, candlelight glimpse consist the theme elements of the welcome party, everybody get closer and became familiar with each other.  


    Academic lectures and enterprise visiting

    All students were absorbed in the lectures about development of Chinese economy, diverse Chinese culture, different Chinese laws, and the trending online marketing in China.

    At the calligraphy class, every foreign student learnt to write down their love in Chinese.

    When everyone got to know something about Chinese Kong Fu, Mr. Zhong and his students taught all the participants play Tai chi step by step.

    Moreover, all the participants visited two well-known local enterprises: Lattice Power Co., Ltd. and the Manufacturing Base of Jiangzhong Co., Ltd. The high-tech LED chips of Lattice Power and beautiful and natural scenery as well as the automatic production lines in the factory of Jiangzhong made every participant feel the powerful and different strength of Chinese economy.



    Better to walk thousands of miles than read thousands of books

    Participants climbed Meiling and Mount. Lu. With friends, from world and China, all participants helped each other and finally held on to the top. Wandering in the beautiful scenery of Mount. Lu, everyone forgot all the pressure and exhaustion, but only felt the soft of nature.

    For the trip in Jingdezhen at Chinese Ceramic Museum, each visitors was impressed by ceramic works with the great wisdom and its dramatic designs. In the creative block of ceramic, Taoxichuan, modern designs with traditional craftsmanship showed more pretty works. When visiting local pottery enterprise of Jingdezhen, everyone explored the mysterious of ceramic and found a series matching ceramic.



    Time goes by but happiness lasts

    For the Certificate Granting Ceremony, a happy and meaningful video got everyone into the precious scenes of the two weeks. Short time but long memory. Finally, all foreign students with their Chinese friends made dumplings together as lunch. 2017 Summer School came to the end. Every single person in 2017 Summer School made the wonderful story. Every one counts.

    May memories last long, may friendships stay forever.
    Wish meet again in the future, miss every day in the heart!

    See you again, see you again!