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  • The International Cultural Festival Held by the International School

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  • To help the students of 糖果派对老app下载 acquaint with the different cultures, appreciate exotic glamour and broaden horizons, the International Cultural Festival held by the student union of the International School had its grand opening in the Student Center in the south of Jiaoqiao campus on the evening of 9th April. Each freshman class of the International School represented a renowned university around the world and demonstrated its feature. The universities include Berlin BBW Hochschule, University of London, Oulun University, Ritsumeikan University, Cracow University of Economics, Amsterdam University of Applied Science, University of Auckland, Artevelde Hogeschool, Bond University, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, Shih Chien University, Audencia Business School, Mahidol University, Columbia University and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. This event attracted about a thousand students and teachers, creating a great influence. 

    At the event, the exhibition areas of all the classes were bustling with joy and excitement. In the game zone, the interesting games such as “You Draw I Guess”, “Clip Marbles”, “Topping-on” etc. drew many students’ and foreigners’ attentions. They participated in the games and were awarded with featured souvenirs. At the same time, various specialties including German black beer, Japanese sushi and fried chickens and beer were also very popular. In the cultural exhibition zone, the presenters elaborated on the culture of the country and the university. With the pleasure to the eyes and ears as well as the exhilaration of the taste and heart, People didn’t only have fun, but also learnt a lot from the activities. A sophister from the School of International Trade and Economics said “every year’s International Cultural Festival is worth a visit. It’s not only because there are interesting games but also it’s a great opportunity to know more about the different cultures. The festival is a big cultural carnival”.

    After the event, a freshman said at the scene “preparing for the festival is tiring, but after seeing what we’ve achieved, I think it’s worth it”. It is known that the preparation started more than a month ago. Among the numerous tasks, there were conflicts and divergences, but what’s more important was the efforts made by a class one-heartedly. It’s the magic of the festival that helps people forget their exhaustion.  

    The festival has come to the end, but the spirit of freedom, equality, development and patriotism will be passed on in all the students’ hearts. It’s also the festival’s ardent expectations that the students can raise their overall quality to adjust to the international trend and improve themselves in the exchange of different cultures.