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  • International Student Orientation Successfully Completed

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  • In this semester, 27 new International students from 11 countries, including the United States, France, the Netherlands, Argentina, Poland, the Czech Republic, Mexico, South Korea, Zambia, South Africa and Kazakhstan came to start their study at JUFE. Followed the schedule arranged by Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (OICE), new students began their courses on March 1st after the pick-up service, language partners selection, orientation meeting, course selection, physical examination and other activities or procedures.

    Welcome Ceremony

    In the evening of February 26th, the welcoming ceremony organized by Septune (the student volunteer team) was held. After the introduction of both the volunteers and international students, they choose their own language partners by themselves, the language partners will help each other to learn the foreign languages in this new semester. After that, they played games together, through the interesting games, such as "one draw while one guess", "love balloon" and "who has the biggest stomach", these timid and unacquainted strangers became more closer to each other gradually.


    There is an old saying goes that "nothing can be more delicious than dumplings", volunteers prepared dumplings wrappers and dumplings stuffing, they taught international students to make dumplings step by step. Some international students made dumplings the first time, even some tried to use the chopsticks the first time, therefore, their hand-made dumplings are in different shapes. After a little while, more than 400 dumplings were made by all. While eating the dumplings, Max, from the US said in simple Chinese, "This event is amazing! Dumplings are so delicious! Thank you for everything!"


    Orientation Meeting

    In the morning of February 27th, the orientation meeting for new international students was held on schedule. Liu Feng, deputy director and the relevant staff of OICE attended the meeting. Liu Feng warmly welcomed the students from afar. In order to give the new students a general understanding to Nanchang and JUFE, he briefly introduced to them the cultural environment and geographical situation of Nanchang, the history and development of JUFE, the curriculum and extracurricular activities at JUFE. After his words, many students became interested in the football match, Chinese corners, the ceramics experience base and other activities. In the end, Liu stressed some disciplines, he asked the students to strictly abide by Chinese laws and JUFE’s rules and regulations, remind them to think twice before leap, enhance the importance of communication with others, demand them put the sense of responsibility in priority. Subsequently, the relevant staff of OICE introduced the course setting, residential permission application and other important affairs.


    Campus Tour

    After the orientation meeting, all new international students visited the whole campus accompanied by the volunteers. Volunteers led them to the campus hospital, teaching buildings, gymnasiums, supermarkets, banks and other places. In the gymnasium, new international students learned how to use the facilities with their membership card in the gym. In the library, they quietly watched the procedure of the book borrowing with their student campus cards. Finally, with the help of the explanation of instructor, they visited JUFE’s History Museum and Tax Ticket Museum, and took many photos with great interests.


    On the next day, international students participated in Chinese proficiency test, completed the course selection, did physical examination, applied campus card, telephone card, etc. Till now, international student orientation successfully completed.