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  • The 2nd International Culture Festival was held at JUFE

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        In the afternoon of November 27th, the 2nd International Culture Festival started with the exhibition of peculiar artifacts, delicious food from different countries and all splendid performances of JUFE’s international students and local students on the central stage. Vice president Wang Xiaoping attended the event and gave a speech.



        The staff and the student volunteers from the office of International Cooperation and Exchange has started to prepare for the event in early October. In total, one central stage and 13 exhibition booths was arranged in Jueqi square. All JUFE’s international students, wearing their beautiful and exotic clothes, presented their amazing talented performances, brought their home-made delicious food to audiences. Besides the foreign food and performances, audiences could also watch the performances with Chinese characteristics, such as Taichi, Erhu performance and so on. The income from the sale of each exhibition booth will be donated to Hope Primary Schools nearby with the assistance of JUFE’s Volunteer Association.




        It is reported that the number of JUFE’s international students breaks 300 for the first time. On the basis of the success of the 1st International Culture Festival in 2015, this event was held to provide a platform for all foreign students from more than 40 different regions and countries, to introduce both their own culture and the world culture to all teacher and students at JUFE. Meanwhile, it was also a good chance for foreign students to learn more Chinese culture and costume. More importantly, through such an event, international students and local Chinese students could communicate with each other smoothly and closely. The same as Pair-share Activity, International Culture Festival becomes a hallmark event and a cultural label of JUFE now.