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    The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (Office for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Affairs) functions as a gateway to the internationalization of 糖果派对老app下载 (JUFE), facilitating academic exchange and collaboration between JUFE and overseas universities. It is a managerial department for the university to implement foreign policies, to strengthen international cooperation and exchange, to optimize the utilization of external quality education resources, to promote JUFE’s education philosophy, global profile and international competitiveness. It provides assistance and consultation to faculty, students and staff on international affairs, as well as affairs of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, serving as a source of information about JUFE’s global engagement. 




    Director : Xiao Long
    Tel: 0791-83816093
    Fax: 0791-83816314
    Email: emily_intl@jxufe.edu.cn
     Responsible for the overall work of OICE. Assist school leaders in coordinating with relevant departments on major foreign affairs, formulate development plans and annual work plans of foreign affairs, inspect and supervise the implementation of various schemes for the evaluation of the cadres, review and approve funding for all kinds of foreign affairs, audit all applications for business visit to foreign countries.  



    Vice director:Gao Yangsong
    Email: gao_intl@jxufe.edu.cn 





    Assist the Director in the overall work, in charge of Office of Overseas Students, including  international students studying in China, JUFE students studying abroad, foreign cooperation in running schools and other programs.

     Vice director:Gong Meijun
    Email: gongmj@jxufe.edu.cn 
    Assist the Director in the overall work, in charge of Foreign Affairs Office, including business visits to foreign countries, recruitment of foreign teachers, coordination of foreign visits to JUFE, deal with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs and website construction.


    1. Administrative  Office

    Head: Liu Xiaobing              

    lxbintl@jxufe.edu.cn      Tel: 0791-83816324
    Member: Wan Hui (driver)                              Tel: 0791-83816424(duty room)
    Assist the Director in the administrative work of OICE;  in charge of foreign teachers residence building and provide logistical services foreign teachers in JUFE; and other related administrative tasks.
    2. Office of Foreign Affairs
    Head :Xiao Lan                       overseas_jufe@hotmail.com
    Members:Pan Ying                 maggie_intl@jxufe.edu.cn
                He Bicheng             overseas_jufe@hotmail.com 



    1.To publicize and carry out national foreign policies and regulations, as well as those concerning Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, properly deal with all foreign affairs; to draft rules, regulations, and yearly work plan on JUFE’s international affairs, and to conduct upon approval by the university;



    2. to formulate plans for the outgoing visits of the university delegations, staff exchange, overseas training or attending international conferences, and to contact with overseas universities for implementation of the plans;


    3. to review the applications and documents of the staff going abroad for a short visit to lecture, to exchange, to be trained or to attend international conference, and report to government departments concerned for approval;


    4. to receive incoming visits and arrange outgoing trips to build up and maintain links with our overseas partners;


    5. to assist in getting approval from the government, of the international conferences based on the University Work Plan,  and to deal with the procedures of entry for overseas experts and scholars attending the conferences;


    6. to take responsibility for foreign experts recruitment, service and management, helping foreign experts with visa applications, housing and health insurance;



    3.Office of Overseas Students
    Head:         Lv Saiju                judy_intl@jxufe.edu.cn              Tel: 83807960
    Member:       Zhou Kuangxian  edward_intl@jxufe.edu.cn    Tel: 83816524



                                      Hu Zujun                   jane_jxcd@163.com

    huangintl@jxufe.edu.cn              Tel:83807960



    1. to be in charge of overseas student management, specifically overseas student admission, teaching and routine management, including granting living allowance for scholarship students, orientation, housing, medical services and insurance;


    2. to promote Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools and to handle relevant procedures for approval;


    3. to organize students to participate in student exchange programs;


    4. to receive incoming visits and arrange outgoing trips to build up and maintain links with our overseas partners;


    5. to be in charge of programs of studying abroad and promoting programs.